Brashear High School

Pittsburgh Brashear High School is a neighborhood school with a partial Teaching Academy Magnet program located in Pittsburgh’s Beechview community. The mission of Pittsburgh Brashear is to produce productive members of society by providing quality instruction, academic rigor, and racial equity. Brashear will accomplish this mission by empowering students, teachers, parents, administrators and community stakeholders to collaborate on the best ways to achieve success for all students. High academic expectations are essential, and the goal is that all students will take at least one advanced placement (AP) course prior to graduation. Pittsburgh Brashear High School has a College-Ready culture that supports strong behaviors and habits necessary for work and life beyond high school. The Brashear Teaching Academy Magnet program is for students who have indicated an interest in the teaching profession. However, it is not expected that all of the students enrolled in the course have committed irrevocably to a teaching career. The program is introductory and exploratory, and it is specifically designed to help students develop a wide range of skills. By developing these skills, students will have a clear self-image and the ability to evaluate their own suitability for any career.

The school has a National Math and Science Initiative Grant to increase the number of Advanced Placement offerings and to provide AP incentives to students. The library houses an extensive computerized collection for circulation with a state of the art computer lab for research. All classes have ELMO’s and LCD projectors. All 9th and 10th grade core classes are equipped with SMART Boards. Activities at Brashear High School include Student Government, interscholastic and intramural sports (for both males and females), mathematics, literacy and science competitions, including a Hometown High-Q team, and more than 25 other clubs. Brashear offers intensive community service and leadership activities as well. All of these opportunities are available with the intent to educate students in a number of ways and to truly prepare them for life after high school.

English Language Learners have the option of participating in the school’s entire course offerings including sheltered content classes that provide more language support based on students’ language proficiency.

Advanced Placement Courses Offered:

  • Biology,
  • Calculus AB,
  • Chemistry,
  • Computer Science,
  • English 3,
  • English 4,
  • Environmental Science,
  • European History,
  • Physics 1,
  • Physics 2,
  • Psychology,
  • Statistics,
  • US History,
  • World History

CTE Programs Offered:

  • Auto Body Repair,
  • Automotive Technology,
  • Machine Operations,
  • Multimedia Production & Coding

Additional Educational Services:

  • Learning Support,
  • Speech & Language,
  • Itinerant Hearing and Vision,
  • Autistic Support,
  • Emotional Support,
  • Occupation Therapy and Physical Therapy,
  • Regional Life Skills Support Classroom,
  • Regional Autistic Support Classroom,
  • Regional Hearing Impaired Support Classroom,
  • Regional Visually Impaired Support Classroom