There are many activities  happening within Brashear high school within a yearly basis. You have your yearly dances such as Homecoming, Winter Snow Ball, and Prom. Our school has many different sports on a seasonal basis and provide physicals to athletes signing up for the sport of their choosing. We also offer many different clubs for many different social groups and hobbies, from animation appreciation to student government. Any student can run for student council positions and will be apart of the voting process. Academic students can join National  Honor Society to show their academic prowess and leadership skills. The yearbook students and staff are able to buy every year are entirely made by students themselves and is a year long course where they document the school’s social events as well as class rosters for every grade and in high quality format as well. Every year seniors put their hand prints onto the schools walls to show a mark to those that come after them. The hand print is followed with the senior students name and the college they will be attending. The school also provides a journalism class where students will be learning the basics of reporting, different forms of news outlets, as well as how to conduct interviews and the various forms of journalism there are.