Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses (or simply AP classes) are considered more robust classes that provide the same level of preparedness as college level courses where students study more advanced material, more in-depth research, and an accelerated learning pace. The classes are designed for the more advanced student and prepares that student for college entry classes with college-material work. There are multiple benefits to taking AP classes such as getting a taste of the college testing experience with the AP exam, being more prepared for college with college level materials, taking AP makes a student look like a more attractive college candidate, and should you pass the AP exam of your course, you can gain college credit and earn money towards your university. To be able to make sure your student is ready for AP classes, they had to of have a high grade on the PSAT their tenth grade year, they would had to of had A’s and B’s in their tenth grade year as well and 90% attendance making them promise ready is to be expected. Brashear offers the chance for AP students to also sign up for the summer academy in order to prepare for the more rigorous courses offered and there are AP champions within the school that can also assist.