When a student is absent from school:

  • Student needs to submit an excuse within three school days (Ex. missed school Monday- excuse needs to submitted no later than Thursday)
  • Excuse notes must be placed in the basket in the Main Office

What is a legal excuse?

  • Doctor’s appointment- (SUGGESTION-schedule appointment after school hours; take a half of day or return your child to school after the appointment)
  • Bereavement-Death of family member
  • Religious Holiday- Must be recognized by the Board of Education
  • Involuntary Exclusions- Suspension, Alternative Placement, Incarceration
  • School Approved Activities- Field trips, Assemblies, etc…
  • Other Principal Approved Excuses- Educational Vacations, College Visits Counseling Groups, etc….

How many legal absences can a student have?

  • A parent can submit 10 excuse notes for the entire year. Every absence after the 10th, an excuse note must be from a medical doctor.

Unlawful Absences:

  • All absences that are not unexcused are deemed unlawful.
  • Any class or classes missed due to being tardy without an excuse is deemed unexcused/unlawful
  • Students who are absent from class or school are NOT permitted to make up any missed assignments, homework or exams as long as the absence remains unexcused.

Responses to Unlawful Absences:

  • Parent/Guardian will receive an automated phone call when their child is mark unexcused.
  • Parent/Guardian will receive an Illegal Absence Notice on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd unlawful absence.
  • Classes that are consistently skipped/cut are deemed unlawful.
  • The 3rd notice will request that the parent contact the school to develop a Truancy Elimination Plan (TEP).
  • When the 4th Unlawful Absence occurs the Parent/Guardian and student could be cited to the local Magistrate. Possible penalties for truancy are: $300 for each offense plus court cost (parent and student), parenting classes, five days in jail for parents (if fines are not paid), community service and referral to Children Youth and Family (CYF).