Dress Code

Pittsburgh Public Schools Dress Code Policy

Pittsburgh Public Schools has an exclusionary dress code.  No student shall wear any apparel or jewelry that by words, signs, pictures or any combination thereof appearing on said clothing or jewelry advocates or promotes sexual activity or violence, or the use of alcohol or drugs, or demeans or degrades another because of race, sex, religious persuasion, national origin, handicap or disability.

Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing at all times while at school.  Revealing attire that permits the exposure of undergarments or private body parts is prohibited.  This prohibition shall be in effect during regular school hours and at any school-sponsored event whether on or off school premises.

A prescribed dress code or uniform policy is defined as a policy, either in writing or declared verbally by a given school principal, that requires the student to wear a certain mode of dress during school time, or at any school-sponsored event whether on or off school premises.

Individual schools within the District may adopt a prescribed dress code or uniform policy in accordance with the Board’s policy.


Brashear’s Prescribed Dress Code

At Pittsburgh Brashear High School, we take pride in the appearance of our students and have adopted a prescribed dress code.  The following bullets outline Brashear’s prescribed dress code:

  • Bandanas, do-rags, hoods and coats are not to be worn in class; these articles must be placed in lockers upon arrival to school.
  • All Shirts/tops must cover stomach and back.
  • All clothing items must extend beyond the fingertips when arms are extended at the side.
  • All pants must be worn at the waist – low handing pants/exposed underwear is offensive in school. Belts must be worn to keep pants at the waist.
  • All tank tops must be three fingertips in width when the hand is held to the shoulder.
  • Pocket chains, metal spike jewelry or other heavy metal paraphernalia is dangerous and presents problems at the metal detectors. These items will be confiscated by security.

Students in violation of the dress code policy will receive disciplinary action and may be sent home to change or the parent may be contacted to provide a change of clothes.  Students will not be permitted to attend class while in violation of the dress code.

1st…..Warning/Reprimand/Parent Contact

2nd…..Detention/Parent Contact

3rd…..Detention/Parent Contact


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