Field Trips

MPAC (Multimedia Production and Coding) offers many opportunities such as college credits, internship opportunities, and an overall fun experience. However, nothing is more plentiful than the field trips that are offered in the program. The trips provide many chances for students to learn a lot about coding and web design. Although they aren’t all specifically centered around the class, students are able to help the community grow and keep their minds engaged.

For example, recently the students were able to visit a nursing home just around the corner. There, they mostly were troubleshooting tech problems the seniors had. Even though that was occurring, they got to build friendly relationships with the older people, which ultimately improved their helping.

Another trip to Carnegie Mellon University provided a very interesting tour around their Entertainment Technology Center, in which the guides showed the students different projects the college students constructed and other technologies. Such inventions were things like the multiplayer game Neon Nibblers that was made from structures that were previously drums, MAME arcade machines, and there was also a game room that housed every console ever created according to the guides.

If you are considering joining MPAC, you won’t be disappointed. Although most of your time is spent working hands-on in the classroom, field trips offer an extension to your knowledge and create possibilities for your future.