HOC: Hour of Code


Why try the hour of code:

  • Anyone can code
  • Its easy and fun
  • Everlasting and always evolving career available
  • It only takes little time to get startedDSC01346.JPG

The hour of code is a week dedicated to getting people educated and code.org reaching more than 180 countries on computer science and programing.

There are many games for kids in K-12 and adults alike that allow them to learn the fundamentals of coding through an interactive environment that will provide a fun and educational learning experience.


Hour of Code has many games that introduce people to coding including Light Bot, one of the most popular. Light Bot is a coding game that requires you to use programming concepts to get the bot to light up all the necessary blocks. Each stage introduces a new coding concept that is used in conjunction with previous concepts to add complexity . Showing people how simple yet complex coding is.  Even with the progressive challenge, anyone can code and reach the goal.