Joining the Best


How to join M-Pac?

In order to join.

    1. Apply through Pittsburgh Public Schools website
    2. Go to Brashear room 236 to see Mr. Weiblinger


What is M-Pac?

M-PaC is a CTE magnet program that is focuses on preparing students for modern web design. Kids will learn HTML5 and CSS3 through hands-on projects that not only teaches them how to use the tools exposed to them in the class, but lets them have creative freedom while doing so.

Graphic Design

  • Photoshop is a main tool for creating and modifying any web graphics
  • The more artistic part of web design


  • HTML5 and CSS3 work hand in hand to make beautiful web pages
  • The CTE class alone helps students understand the fundamentals of formatting languages
  • Students learn Dreamweaver as well. A great application for jobs in web design and keeps the process of learning web design fresh with how different it is from hand coding


  • M-PaC has a history of many kinds of people joining the program
  • The relationship between the students and the teacher is more down-to-earth than other classes

Join M-PaC