About M-PaC

If you are just now joining MPAC, you may already know that it’s a three period CTE program that teaches students about coding and producing websites, and is run by Mr. Weiblinger. While in the program, many opportunities lie before you. You will often visit certain colleges that offer a major along the lines of computer science, or local organizations to give back to the community. In the classroom, you will always be doing projects that incorporate coding or multimedia in some way, which increases your knowledge on the topics you learn in the program. These projects also focus on certain competencies that must be completed by the end of the course.

The program is split into three classes, being MPAC I, MPAC II, and MPAC III. In MPAC I, you will mainly do Photoshop projects, but you’re also introduced to hand coding with HTML5. In MPAC II, it is pretty much flipped from MPAC I, with you mainly coding and doing very few Photoshop projects. You’re also introduced to Dreamweaver and slowly learn how to program that way. There are usually not many MPAC III students, and they are mostly seniors who practice for the NOCTI exam that takes place at the end of the program.

Joining MPAC is a great idea! Tell your friends to join as well, because Mr. Weiblinger is always looking for new students to pull in. As long as you meet all the requirements and have a will to code, the program is the right choice for you.


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