MPAC (Multimedia Production and Coding) is a CTE program that teaches students about coding and producing websites for either our own or for our future employer’s benefit. It is run by Stanley Weiblinger, who has taught at Brashear since 2004. The program offers many opportunities, such as college credits, field trips, and so much more. They often visit local organizations to help the community and/or figure out which college they want to attend.

In the classroom, the students are always doing things that incorporate coding in some way, which increases their knowledge on the topics they learn in the program.

The program is split into three classes, being MPAC I, MPAC II, and MPAC III. In MPAC I, the students are introduced to Adobe Photoshop, but are also shown how to hand code with HTML5. In MPAC II, the students mainly code and integrate their Photoshop projects into the design of their websites. They are also introduced to Dreamweaver and slowly learn how to program in that. MPAC III is when the students take their NOCTI exam, since they’ve been practicing for it throughout the whole program.

If you are thinking of joining MPAC, you won’t be let down! As long as you meet all the requirements and have a will to code, the program is the right choice for you. Mr. Weiblinger is always looking for new students to pull in. Females are always welcome and more are needed for this awesome field!